What Do I Wear?

We recommend that you wear comfortable attire or something that makes you feel sexy. Shorts and Sports bra are recommended but not mandatory. As you advance in your pole skills, skin contact with the pole will be an important factor. Please do not apply lotion on hands or body before pole classes as it will interfere with your ability to grip the pole or with Purple Palace approved Pole Shoes.

What to Wear
Own Shoes to Class

Can I bring my own shoes to class?

Yes you may bring your own shoes to class. At Purple Palace we care about your safety, for this reason we only allow shoes that are designed for Pole dancing. You will have the option to rent or purchase shoes from Purple Palace. Our rental fee is $5. If you are new to pole, we recommend dancing barefoot until you have acquired a comfortable skill level on the pole.

I am a beginner will I be able to do this?

Purple Palace is not a competition Pole studio, we are an alternative fitness facility that caters to everyday women looking for sexy and exciting ways to get fit, for this reason you will always feel comfortable and welcomed at Purple Palace Pole Studio. Our classes are suitable for all levels and our instructors are trained to guide and advance you safely through your pole experience.

I Am a Beginner
FAQ Weight Requirement


Pole dancing is for all shapes and sizes, and like any other exercise sport we recommend modifying to your comfort level and ability. For added safety and security, our poles are securely bolted to the ceilings and can support up to 250 pounds.

I have no upper body strength will I still be able to pole?

No upper body strength? No problem. If you do not have upper body strength that does not mean you cannot pole. Pole is a full body workout that utilizes multiple muscle groups simultaneously including core, upper and lower body. Taking Pole classes consistently at Purple Palace will help you build and develop these muscle groups. In addition our entire Purple Palace class schedule is composed of classes that are designed to assist in strengthening those muscle groups used with pole fitness.

Can I share my class package with another person?

All class purchases may only be used by the individual who’s name the classes are purchased under. We do not allow sharing of any of our class purchase options.

Do I have to register online or can I register in person?

Registering on-line using our secured on-line payment system is highly recommended to ensure your pole is secured. We recommend arriving at least 10 minutes before class start time even if you registered in advance. Please note that we allow a 5-minute grace period following class start time to hold your pole. In-person registration and drop-in’s are welcomed. If you opt to register in person we recommend calling in advance to check pole availability or arriving 10-15mins before class start time. If you have additional questions regarding our class program, or need assistance with your on-line registration, contact our friendly Purple Palace staff at 602 374-2897. We are happy to assist you.