Pole Sport Teacher Training

In Person Classes



A minimum of 7 months experience, on the apparatus, is a required prerequisite of this program.


If you do not have the required experience, you must take the leveling course one month before starting the program. Enrollment is currently open and classes start in May.


The program consist of 8 classes (two per month) plus a final exam on the subsequent month.


In order to qualify for the final exam, every student must perform a minimum of 4 internships (field practices) per level at the host studio. These have to be previously scheduled with the studio and the teacher in charge of the class.

Mission, vision, & values



Our multi-level program guides students to master the teaching technique on their apparatus and to be able to convey information safely and confidently in their future classes. What sets our program apart from others is the focus we put on understanding how the human body moves and what is necessary to perform each movement correctly. A lot of time is spent studying techniques to keep students safe during every movement, as well as basic spotting technique for safety, learning styles, classroom management, and creative ideas. A certificate of competency will be given upon completion of this course.


Each meeting will have a workload of 3 hours. 2 hours will be allocated to Pole Sport technique (in person) and 1 hour of complementary subject (online).


The manuals and material are provided by Training Shoes in PDF and paper format. A shared Google Drive folder will be enabled with each student to facilitate and speed up file communication.


Pole Sport I
Anatomy, Physiology, and Biomechanics

Instructor In Charge

Training Shoes will provide a professional to lead the course. The meetings will be in person for the main subject and online for the complementary subject, both twice a month. The person in charge of giving the instruction has their corresponding certifications, good group management and technical vocabulary to transmit educational knowledge.

Internship - Field Practices

4 mandatory internships. They can be carried out at the school facilities where the instruction is given (requirement modifiable according to the COVID-19 pandemic condition) or online theoretical evaluative internship modality through videos, previously explained by the teacher in charge.

You must have the total number of internships completed and approved in order to access the final exam.


10:00 am – 12:00 pm

May 15 and 29
June 12 and 26
July 17 and 31
August 14 and 28
Final exam – September 25


Enrollment fee (Annual)


Monthly Payment (4 months)


Exam Fee (per subject)